Minimising call backs

No tradesperson likes a call-back. They make you question your work and your sanity. If you called me out to fix a leak on your toilet then I will usually give you a few options.

1. replace the faulty part.

2. replace the component that houses the faulty part.

3. replace the toilet.

The price for these services increases accordingly. The reason plumbers suggest options two or three over simply replacing the part is not because we want to make money. Money is great but we want customers that are happy with our work, call us for other jobs and refer us on. If we replace the faulty part then we are not able to guarantee the rest of the toilet. Its remaining parts are the same age as the one that was causing the leak and with time or a bit of movement they can lose their integrity too and then the leak “comes back”. Often we replace the problem bit and a few weeks later another part in the toilet fails. This doesn’t work for the customer or the plumber. The customer has to call someone to fix what looks like the same problem which can cost them more money and it can make us look incompetent.

It’s a hard call to make replace just one part and hope that you get a few more years out of the toilet or coughing up a bit more money for a completely new product that will last years. They both have pros and cons.  I always give customers these options and let them decide what’s best for them and their situation.